Ordering & Cancelling Water Options

Orders can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience and will be monitored throughout the day. There are two options for how you can order your water as follows:

  • Internet/Website orders – follow this link for step by step instructions to use the online web ordering system, this is our preferred method.
  • Phone message (in the event that you are not able to use internet/website orders – please contact the office for new users setup)

Please note the conditions around ordering and cancelling water and in particular, if you have ordered water, you are deemed to have taken that water. The onus is on irrigators to cancel their order when they intend to stop their water take to avoid being “billed” for water they have not used.  The Directors of Opuha Water have applied a consistent interpretation to this matter;  if you order water, you will be charged, it is up to each irrigator to place and cancel orders.

In the event that you cannot access your Portal to make a water order, phone orders can be made to our office phone on
03 614 7801, selecting the Water Orders option.

This is a phone message service so please be prepared to leave a clear message of your details and requirements when you call.  This should be the only number that is used to order and cancel water. When you leave a message through this system your order will be collected, recorded in the database and collated into our daily water release schedule.  We prefer that you do not make water order phone calls to operations staff as we may not be in a position to record the information and ensure it gets into our system.