Internet & Website Orders


This is our preferred order method so we would like to encourage its uptake by as many of our irrigators as possible.  It is the easiest format for us to get the information from and, once you are familiar with its use, we believe is the simplest method for irrigators too. If you do not have a login, or are a new user, please contact the Office on 03 614 7801.

Once you are set up with a Username and Password, log on to the website and under ‘Portal Login’ at the top right-hand side, this will take you directly to our Opuha Water Portal. Click “Sign in” at the top right of the screen and enter your Username and Password, then select “sign in’.

You will then be taken into our Opuha Water Portal. Here you can update your personal details, add or delete water orders, view previous water orders and view your entitlement and consuption for the season.

Add a New Water Order

Select ‘New Order” from the main top toolbar.

Select the water take, start date/time, end date/time and the amount of water you would like to order in litres per second.

Please note that you will need to provide 24 or 48 hours notice for the water order to be accepted – a warning will pop up if you are not within the time frames of your scheme. Once you have placed the order, the green boxes will advise that your order has been accepted and how much water you have left for the season once this order has been utilised.

Cancel an active Water Order

Select ‘My Order’ from the top main toolbar, this will show you your Current Water Orders and your Completed Water Orders.

Select the Water Order that you would like to Cancel, by clicking ‘Active’ under the Status Reason for the order that you would like to Cancel.
Change the End Time and End Date that you would like to finish the Order to, then select ‘Update’.