Health and Safety – Policy

Opuha Water Limited is committed to health and safety and believes that the safety and well-being of its employees, representatives, contractors, visitors and customers is paramount in all aspects of our business.

The company endeavours to provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment and workplace for the benefit of all persons who experience it by:

  1. Meeting all obligations under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 and subsequent amendments, associated Codes of Practices and any other relevant Standards and
  2. Seeking continuous improvement in Health and Safety performance and open communication with all staff in all Health and Safety matters.
  3. Actively supporting and encouraging a consultative process and co-operation between management and employees/contractors to achieve and maintain best practice in Health and Safety within the working environment.
  4. Supporting and encouraging a Health and Safety culture.
  5. Ensuring all individuals are clear on their responsibilities for Health and Safety in their day to day activities to maintain their own safety and the safety of others in the workplace.
  6. Ensuring safe workplaces at the depot/office as well as at the dams, waterways and irrigation schemes including provision and utilisation of safe equipment and systems.
  7. Providing written procedures and instructions to minimise risks and to ensure safe work systems to all employees and contractors.
  8. Ensuring compliance with statutory legislative requirements and current industry standards where applicable.
  9. Accurately recording and reporting all workplace injuries and incidents and formally reporting on safety performance through regular meetings, measuring and monitoring.
  10. Providing a full induction process to employees and contractors covering all relevant aspects of safety management, hazards, PPE and training requirements to ensure safety while at work.
  11. Including Health and Safety expectations in employment contracts and as a measurement and assessment at employee’s annual performance review.
  12. Reviewing policies and procedures on a regular basis (annually) and following any significant changes to work procedures or following any significant accident.
  13. Providing an injury management/rehabilitation/return to work plan for any ill or injured employee to ensure a safe and early return to work.

The company will develop and operate a formal Health & Safety Management System that will enable the effective implementation of this Policy.  This Policy will be reviewed at least every two years.
Tony McCormick, Chief Executive – Opuha Water Ltd

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