Good Management Practice

Good Management Practice (GMP) addresses the New Zealand-wide challenge of intensifying land uses and deteriorating water quality.  ECan’s approach to this has been to ask the industry partners in the project – DairyNZ, Deer Industry New Zealand, NZPork, Beef + Lamb New Zealand, Horticulture NZ and the Foundation for Arable Research – to consult widely within their sectors to define GMP.

Over 18 months, a great deal of hard work by a large number of farmers and growers has culminated in the definitions of GMP set out in the guide shown below.  The guide provides describes 21 practices that improve irrigation, nutrient and animal management for all common land uses in Canterbury.

Download this document here – Industry Good Management Practice Guide.pdf


The Matrix of Good Management project aims to estimate the “footprint” of nitrogen and phosphorus loss for the range of farm systems in Canterbury today, assuming that they are operating at good management practice (GMP).  This means we need to be clear about what constitutes good management on farms.

Listed below are a series of pdf’s taken from the ECan website containing useful links and information to various online resources around good management practices for farmers in Canterbury.

Effluent Management
This pdf contains resources about effluent management, ranging from irrigation systems, storage, system operation, system design and setup, scheduling and operation, and risk management.

adobe-pdf-logoEffluent Management (235 kB)


This pdf contains general resources about good management practices for farmers, ranging from water management, nutrient loss, infrastructure, environmental risk management, sheep and beef farming, deer farming, infrastructure design and setup.

adobe-pdf-logoGeneral (260 kB)


Irrigation Management
This pdf contains resources about irrigation management, ranging from system design and set up, system performance, scheduling and operation.

adobe-pdf-logoIrrigation Management (257 kB)


Nutrient Management
These pdfs contains resources about nutrient management, ranging from nitrogen & phosphorous management, precious agriculture, measuring nutrient losses, and nutrient management plans.

adobe-pdf-logoNutrient Management (289 kB)

adobe-pdf-logoNitrogen Use Ad (300 kB)

adobe-pdf-logoPhosphorus and Sediment Ad (284 kB)


Riparian Management
This pdf contains resources about riparian and wetland management, ranging from design and set up, planting and stock exclusion.

adobe-pdf-logoRiparian Management (237 kB)

adobe-pdf-logoInformation Sheet – Riparian Protection (2.5 MB)


Soil Management
This pdf contains resources about soil management, ranging from pasture management, soil quality, erosion and sediment management.

adobe-pdf-logoSoil Management (269 kB)


Stock Management
This pdf contains resources about stock management.

adobe-pdf-logoStock Management (222 kB)


Winter feed checklist
This pdf contains a good practice checklist for winter grazing management.

adobe-pdf-logoWinter Grazing Management, Good Practice Checklist (357 kB)