Notice Periods


Because there is a substantial travel time for water released from the dam to reach the downstream users, we require orders with sufficient notice period to allow timely release and so that we can manage our stored water efficiently.

Notice periods for water ordering and cancellations are listed below.

Please plan your water requirements before ordering and we ask that you keep to these times so the appropriate releases can be made.

Levels Plain irrgators ‐ your area is differentiated due to the time it takes for water to reach you.

Levels Plain irrigators on flood irrigation receive water on a rostered basis arranged in conjunction with OWL.  Specific instructions as to how these rosters will work will be circulated prior to the first flood irrigation.

Levels Plain
Placing Orders – 48 hours notice
Cancelling Orders – 24 hours notice
Editing Current Orders – 24 hours notice

All Other Areas
Placing Orders – 24 hours notice
Cancelling Orders – 12 hours notice
Editing Current Orders – 12 hours notice

All areas must place orders for 6.00am start/finish or 6.00pm start/finish – ie. twelve (12) hour periods.