Company Documents

Constitution Following the completion of the Company restructure (merger) on 1 July 2014, a new constitution was adopted. On 7th November at the AGM, the shareholders approved amendments to the Constitution to clarify and simplify the process for the retirement and re-appointment of Directors together with some other minor technical amendments. The company constitution can be downloaded below:

adobe-pdf-logo OWL Constitution with amendments (Nov 2022)

Short Form Water Agreement

Shareholders and water users are required to sign and return a Short Form Water Agreement. The water agreement is our “contract” for the supply of water. It is a company requirement that this agreement is signed and completed prior to the supply of irrigation water. The Short Form Water Agreement can be downloaded below:

adobe-pdf-logo Short Form Water Agreement

Terms & Provisions for Supply of Water

These terms and conditions apply to every water agreement entered into between the Company and any farmer or other person receiving irrigation water from Opuha Water Limited. These Terms come into force when the shareholder has entered into a Short Form Agreement and holds 1 share for every 0.41336 litres per second of water being the maximum volume of water to be supplied for irrigation at the maximum supply rate with the Company delivering that water in each irrigation season to the property specified by the shareholder (and as set out in the Short Form Agreement), but subject at all times to the other provisions of these terms and the availability of water under Resource Consents. The Terms and Provisions for Supply of Water can be downloaded below:

adobe-pdf-logo 171010 MTD-014868-4-1831-1 Terms of Supply incl Amendments

Prospectus and Investment Statement

The Offer Document was prepared for the offer of shares under a complex proposal in which a number of amalgamations of companies would take place, with the intention of creating one entity by amalgamating the existing irrigation schemes that take water from the Opuha river systems. The Company restructure and the merger took place on 1 July 2014. SCFIS Holdings, Opuha Water, Levels Plain, Levels Holdings, and Levels Irrigation amalgamated into SCFIS Limited (the surviving Company) (which was then renamed Opuha Water Limited). Then the Company acquired and assumed liability for the assets and liabilities of Kakahu Irrigation Limited and Totara Valley Irrigation Limited. The Prospectus and Investment Statement can be downloaded below:

adobe-pdf-logo Prospectus and Investment Statement

Company Restructure July 2014

The Company restructure (merger) took place on 1st July 2014. There were a variety of reasons why the Boards of each of the merging entities considered that the merger needed to occur and recommended the merger to shareholders. These reasons can be found under the heading ‘Reasons for the Proposed Merger’ in the Merger Proposal document (available for download below).

adobe-pdf-logoMerger Proposal
Prospectus and Investment Statement

As a result of the restructure and merger, each shareholder irrigator was required to enter into a new Water Agreement to provide for the future needs of the scheme and the shareholder irrigator. The water agreement comprises a short form water agreement and terms and conditions that apply to it – available for download above. There was a significant amount of work that was undertaken in respect of the restructure. A key objective of the restructure was to ensure that irrigators retained their previous rights and entitlements within the new structure. Further documents in relation to the restructure are available for download below:

adobe-pdf-logoKakahu Irrigation Ltd and SCFIS Ltd – Agreement for Sale and Purchase

adobe-pdf-logoTotara Valley Irrigation Ltd and SCFIS Ltd – Agreement for Sale and Purchase

Financial Reports

Here you can download the annual reports of Opuha Water Ltd of the past year’s. Please contact the Opuha office for copies of earlier annual reports.

adobe-pdf-logoOWL – 2023 Annual Report (year ended 30 June 2023)

adobe-pdf-logoOWL – 2022 Annual Report (year ended 30 June 2022)

adobe-pdf-logo OWL – 2021 Annual Report (year ended 30 June 2021)

adobe-pdf-logoOWL – 2020 Annual Report (year ended 30 June 2020)

adobe-pdf-logoOWL – 2019 Annual Report (year ended 30 June 2019)

adobe-pdf-logoOWL – 2018 Annual Report (year ended 30 June 2018)

adobe-pdf-logoOWL – 2017 Annual Report (year ended 30 June 2017)

adobe pdf logo OWL – 2016 Annual Report (year ended 30 June 2016)

adobe pdf logo OWL – 2015 Annual Report (year ended 30 June 2015)