Share Register

The current extensive shareholding list can be downloaded here:

adobe-pdf-logoShare Register (Extensive Shareholder List) 30.06.2021


Download the Share Trading and Allocation Policy 

Share Sales/Purchases
Shares and the right to water may be transferred to a person or entity that owns or farms a property in the scheme area or any other person or entity approved by the Board.  Where the shares and the water rights attached to those shares relate to a specified approved property the Board may require that the water continues to be supplied to that property as a precondition to ensure that other water users’ reliability is not affected.
adobe-pdf-logoShare Transfer Record
Application to Transfer Shares – updated Nov 2021

Share Licensing (Lease)
A shareholder may license the right to water to a person who farms a property within the scheme area which is serviced by a distribution system (having the capacity and capability of delivering water to the licensed person).
adobe-pdf-logoApplication to License Shares – updated Nov 2021
Application to Renew or Change an Existing License

Short Form Water Agreement
Shareholders and water users are required to sign and return a Short Form Water Agreement. The water agreement is our “contract” for the supply of water.
It is a company requirement that this agreement is signed and completed prior to the supply of irrigation water.
adobe-pdf-logoShort Form Water Agreement

Direct Debit Discount
Direct debit is the preferred method of payment for water charges.  The direct debit facility offers a 2.5% discount on water and infrastructure charges.  To set up your account on direct debit for payment on the 20th of each month, please download the authority form below and return to our office.
adobe-pdf-logoDirect Debit Authority Form

Information Pack for New Shareholders (and Water Users)
Within this information pack you will find a combination of information in relation to your shareholding.
Contents include a company overview, company requirements, water ordering and contact information.
adobe-pdf-logoInformation Pack for New Water Users