Health and Safety – Environmental Plan

The Resource Management Act was enacted to ensure that the environment is protected.  Opuha Water Limited will ensure that where safety issues overlap with environmental issues action is taken immediately to prevent damage to the environment.

Environmental concerns will be foremost and will be accorded the same level of importance as workplace health and safety.  All practicable steps will be taken to reduce our environmental impact, prevent pollution and reduce the risk of harm to our environment.

Opuha Water Limited will maintain strict standards to ensure that the actions of its employees and the work it conducts does not adversely affect the environment.  Any instances of environmental damage or potential damage must be reported immediately to management who will take immediate action.  This may include the notification of any relevant authorities.

Refuse Recycling and Disposal
To achieve this wherever possible consideration will be given to the environmental aspects of materials and packaging purchased as well as the disposal, reuse and recycling of all waste products.

Spill Containment
A spill containment kit big enough to contain the quantity of oil and fuel used on the must be present on site.
Any spillage in excess of 20 litres must be reported immediately.  The first step in the containment of any spillage is to identify the substance spilled.  If you are able to turn off the source of the spill safely then do so.
Equip yourself with any Personal Protective Equipment required to protect yourself and other employees.
Contact management immediately.

  • If the spill is manageable and has not entered any stormwater drains or sewer proceed with an immediate clean up provided it is safe to do so.
  • Ensure your personal safety before you attempt any cleanup operation.
  • Take steps to prevent the spill from entering stormwater drains, freshwater or sewers.
  • Use supplies such as sawdust or rags to assist in clean up operations.
  • Dispose of any contaminated materials safely.

In the event of a major fuel or oil spill, management staff must be informed immediately.  Employees are expected to assist with control, containment and clean up procedures.  Control and containment procedures must take priority over the completion of any work.

Refuelling Controls
All refuelling shall be conducted in such a manner that ensures no spillages onto land or water takes place.


Vehicles will be maintained on a regular basis to extend their lifetime.  Tyre pressure, tyre tread depth, fluid levels will be checked on a regular basis.  Fuel efficiency will be one of the considerations when purchasing new company vehicles.

Environmental Improvement Initiatives
Opuha Water Limited is committed to reducing its environmental impact.  Each year will consider and identify an environmental improvement initiative to support the reduction of our carbon footprint.
Consideration will be given to:

  • Waste Reduction
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Consumption
  • Waste Recycling

Complaints Procedures
A register will be maintained to document any complaints received of an environmental nature.
The register shall record:

  • The date, time and duration of the incident that resulted in the complaint
  • The location of the complainant when the incident was detected
  • The possible cause of the incident
  • The corrective action taken in response to the complaint including the timing of any corrective action.

Environmental Pollution hotline details
In the event of a major spill inform Environment Canterbury on 0800 76 55 88