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Flushing Flow Notice to River Users

By 26 February 2014August 9th, 2021Events, News


A Flushing Flow has been scheduled for Thursday 27th February 2014

Opuha Water Ltd* (OWL) is planning to release flows of up to 40 cumecs from the Opuha Dam starting at 8am on Thursday 27th February 2014. The release will result in a rapid increase in the flow in the Opuha River and the Opihi River below Raincliff and the flow is likely to remain elevated above the present flows for approximately 20 hours

During the period of the flow release, the flow and level in the river may change rapidly – especially in the Opuha River and the Opihi River immediately below Raincliff. While the actual flow rates will not be more than might be expected following typical moderate seasonal rain periods, river users are advised to take care in and around the river from Thursday morning to early Friday because the rate of change will be higher than typically experienced.

For further information and continue reading this notice, please download the PDF file using this link – 
140224 Flushing Flow Notice to River Users